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meauring the crab



Choose from some of the best paintings available.  I sell direct from Saatchi, so take the opportunity to enhance your room.  Invest in a painting by Lynne Fitzpatrick.

  • My story

Take a look at my blog, the link is at the top of the page. My story is the first post on the page, I hope you like it.

  • Video

In this video you find out more about me Lynne Fitzpatrick.  You will see my studio and work environment. My paints and equipment I use to create my paintings.

  • Equipment I use

I have used acrylic paints now for many years and have only recently returned to oils, I will let you know more in my weekly blogs.

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I hope to find some interesting and useful affiliate links for you to share. I am looking right now.


I offer lessons for the beginner. If you would like to learn to paint and you are inspired by my work the contact me now.  Let us work together and bring the artist in you out.   

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