Although I started painting in oils, I changed to Acrylic, initially due to my impatience. I just hated the frustration of wanting to carry on while the feeling was strong and fearing I would lose the thread of what I was trying to achieve.

My work is very much based on feelings, moods and emotions so Acrylic has been the ideal medium for me to be able to express myself quickly and succinctly.

I use palette knives as well as brushes to achieve my results. Each layer adds feeling onto the canvas to build up the image that I see and I love the creamy feel of the medium as I work.

Since moving to Cornwall my paintings have become brighter and more aware of the magic that lies barely concealed beneath the surface in this beautiful and inspiring countryside.

Every where I look there is a painting waiting to be discovered.  The only difficulty is in choosing the ones that fit at any given time or place.

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